Arcade Machines for Sale

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Tips in Choosing Your Vending Machine to Maximize Profit

Arcade Machines for Sale

You've probably heard of the famous line, "Don't judge a book by its cover." But think about how often we actually do that in our daily lives, we don't have time to give something a thorough analysis, so we do a fast scan, a short read, or a quick glance. In order for something to get our attention past those first few crucial seconds, it had to be really eye-catching.

There's nowhere that this is more true than in businesses where attracting customers is everything. Bulk vending is one such business. But because you won't have an employee hawking your wares, you need a machine that can sell your product as well as a persuasive sales person. That's why it is best to think about your machines as a mechanized sales force when you go about selecting which ones to use. You wouldn't hire a sales team that was going to be sloppily dressed or poorly showered, and you should take the same.

Forget not judging a book by its cover because in the bulk vending business, appearance is critical. You really have only one shot to attract customers, and as customers walk by, they need to feel drawn to the machine. In order for this to happen, you have to make sure you have a few crucial elements in place.

1. You machines should always be clean
As obvious as this sounds, you'd be surprised by how quickly machines get dirty. You should be servicing your routes every other day (or at least a couple of time a week) to wipe down the exteriors of the machines to fend off dust, dirty, and greasy fingers. There is nothing that is going to make a customer back away from candy faster than a grungy machine.

2. Match the machine to its location
If your machine is in a kid's amusement park, restaurant, or arcade, you need it to be brightly colored. Some bulk vending machines are equipped with flashing lights, some make noises, and some have cartoon characters or other attractive features to catch the eye of children. In such locations, if you have a flashy machine, you'll sell a lot more candy. That being said, if your machine is in an office, you'll want a more muted approach. If you go the flashing lights route, chances are that the workers will find it distracting and irritating, and you'll find yourself kicked out of the location.

3. Choose a machine type carefully
Bulk vending machines come in multiple different types and styles, with a wide variety of heads, bases, stands, and merchandise wheels. All of these factors will depend on who your target customer is. For example, if you are vending to children, single-head machines with clear spiral bases are attractive, easily visible, and a source of amusement. If you are trying to attract adults, a triple head machine (which allows you to vend three different products) enables you to provide a wider variety of choice to a discerning audience.

When it comes down to it, choosing a machine is all about calculating who you are selling to and where you are placing your machine. But remember: looks are everything. You wouldn't hire sloppy sales representatives, so invest in a quality, attractively designed machine, and you'll be much more likely to find success.

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Arcade Machines for Sale

Arcade Games for sale in New Windsor NY I found on Craigslist

Frequently Asked Questions...

anybody can help me with finding these cartoon (quarter booths) from the early 80s Arcades?

All I remember is a woody wood pecker cartoon in these quarter booths, where you pull a curtain for privacy, insert quarter into the slot, and wait for the woody wood pecker cartoon to show. These were fond memories of mine… Anybody know what the correct term for these machines in the late 70s and early 80s were? Any links to general info or those for sale/auction? Anyhelp would be appreciated.


I have came across more people looking for these lately than ever before. I came to own one in either 98 or 99. It came with a lot of arcade machines I won. Ummm There were no markings in the or on the cabinet. It could seat one larger child or two smaller children. Placing a coin in it would activate a contact that turned on a (get this) film projector. It was a continuous loop projector. (One film that feed across pulleys allowing the play of around 15 minutes worth of film.) The quarter would allow the film to play between 1 to 5 min adjustable with a timer in the cabinet. I think that I found it was made around 1973. I sold it with in a week, Its not what I was into messing with.

My thoughts on it:
They were cool and can see why people are looking for them. How ever they were not built to last, they were large and heavy. I think many were just destroyed. I think I may build a few myself and use DVD and Flat screens tho, and incorporate a Mini game in them.

Finding one will take persistence, place wanted adds in the local Classified ads, and on creigslist..

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