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Brochure England

The Tio Range from Rational Kitchens, Rational GB at The Kitchen Store

I would like to introduce the exciting Tio Range from Rational Kitchens. It offers modern design, personal freedom and flexibility alongside versatile functions. The range is extremely flexible and can be adapted to suit any room, small or large.

Its development has been born from the luxury range at Rational Kitchens GB. We saw the sheer potential in this new model due to its outstanding functionality and versatility. This truly is a kitchen for all walks of life. And a kitchen for life.

We have developed a unique site to present the Tio range from rational available at the kitchen store, Sheffield, Yorkshire. Visiting Eddie Grant at the kitchen store is truly a pleasurable experience. His knowledge of property developing is vast. He can advise on topics from kitchen remodelling, through to a full house refurbishment. He has many years of experience in new construction of apartments and houses.

Our design team will help you choose and design your kitchen style and layout. We give friendly advice and provide true representations of your kitchen before installation. The Tio brochure is a fabulous illustration and can be requested from our request a brochure link on our website at rational kitchens. Using just a few basic elements from the Tio range offers a variety of solutions from those difficult spaces kitchens seem to have.


The Tio range has many variants in unit heights, widths, midway housings and also offers the ability to design and order tables and benches. There are many different fabrics available to cover the chairs and benches. This is all indicative of the required functions that are demanded from the Tio range. Everything has been specially developed for this range from Rational Kitchens and constitutes an integral part of the concept.


I hope these few words have been informative and helpful to inspire and assist you in the remodelling of your new kitchen or living space. Please free to contact us via our about us page.

My name is Eddie Grant and i own The Kitchen Store on Abbeydale Road, Sheffield. I have my own website Tio Kitchens which has every kitchen that we sell from rational.

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Brochure England
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